The Descent 2005


Director: Neil Marshall

Writer: Neil Marshall

Starring: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid


The Descent is a film with mediocre acting, scattered direction, a weak script, few moments of inspired imagery and lighting, and terrible pacing for the first third of the feature. The redeeming qualities, aside from some pretty decent villains, are location as an element of the story, and the filmmakers’ commitment to staying strictly within the genre. The success of this flick is probably due to the filmmakers not trying to make this become anything but a scary movie.

There were moments and some structural elements that made it feel like a throwback to 80’s horror flicks and B movies, which probably explains why I spent the first part of the film expecting obligatory wet t-shirt scenes or some light girl on girl action.

There were plot holes big enough to plow through, but shock value, a scary ambience, and a sense of mystery were achieved. Ultimately, this film is forgiven for its many faults because it was just good clean fun, but you’ll never find me anywhere near no cave!


Actors Performance: Dedicated, But Amateur Hour. B+

Direction: Hit And Miss. C+

Cinematography: It Had Moments. B

Production Value: Strong SFX On A Budget. B+

Script: Could Use A Lot Of Improvement. C+

Final Bitch: A For Effort In A B Movie. B

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