American Cinema

The Bling Ring 2013


Director: Sofia Coppola

Writer: Sofia Coppola, Nancy Jo Sales

Starring: Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Emma Watson


Ever see a film that was made well but still irritated you? Maybe it is impossible to reserve judgement of characters in a film based on actual events. Maybe therapy could reveal some deep seated reasons why I’d like to give my rating today in belches instead of stars, or thumbs?

This film maintains many style elements that are consistent with Sophia Coppola’s earlier flicks. Coppola shines when she directs stories wherein the main character’s inner turmoil is juxtaposed with her signature style choices. In this way her characters, while living in the fantastic, become wholly relatable. For me, Bling Ring is not up to her previously set standards. I watched the film expecting to care at some point. But I never did.

This flick was beautiful and well acted, although too much screen time was given to Ms. Emma Watson, who although talented enough, felt miscast. Overall, maybe I’m just too old, too poor, too smart, or too jaded to care about this one. What evs!

Please note, the professional challenge with this review is to remain biased enough to be honest, but realistic and professional about judging this as a film. Essentially, I was tired and turned off by this otherwise well executed piece of filth…I mean film.


Actors Performance: The Kids Are Alright. B+

Direction: Efficient. B+

Cinematography: Arty Farty But Not Cloying. B

Production Value: Yes. A-

Script: Appropriate. A-

Final Bitch: Solid Sofia Coppola Film. If That Means Something To You. A-

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