American Cinema

Starlet 2012


Director: Sean Baker

Writer: Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch

Starring: Dree Hemingway, Besedka Johnson, Boonee


What sets a good indie apart from cheap B movie shlock is an edgy succinct script, committed and talented actors, and filmmakers making the most of every resource available, creating a consistent stream of moving, memorable shots. Starlet has everything it needs and a chihuahua on top!

Fabulous, believable leads and supporting cast in a not predictable story with emotional twists and turns are great, but nothing could take my attention from the dog. Someone once said models hate working with babies and animals because they steal the shot. If any dog could do it, this one could! However, this was still a wonderful, well edited piece that could reaffirm your faith in indies, that is if you’ve seen too many bad ones and are totally sick of the unpredictable satisfaction quotient of expensive Hollywood blockbusters. Did I forget to mention the dog? He gets a “G” for GORGEOUS!

It’s refreshing when a movie successfully leads the viewer in a pretty objective way through the labyrinth of a lead characters life and the layers of emotions guiding their actions. Regardless of your views on any given attribute of the character, when a film attempts this open objectivity, the audience can gradually fall in love with a lead as the true core of their character is revealed. I’m talking about how these young girls are porn stars, but by the films end, we can put ourselves in their shoes emotionally, and appreciate them for their weaknesses and strengths revealed through the script and editing.

As far as I’m concerned. there was only one gaping plot hole. To think that your non-friend druggie roommate would return money she stole from you after a fight is ridiculous! I had one of those in school once upon a time. I know.


Actors Performance: Solid. B+

Direction: Decent. B

Cinematography: Really Appropriate For The Story. A-

Production Value: Made The Most Of What They Had. B+

Script: Concise. B+

Final Bitch: Pretty Good Indie. Fabulous Pooch. B+

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