American Cinema

Peeples 2013


Director: Tina Gordon Chism

Writer: Tina Gordon Chism

Starring: Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier


I hate to be mean, but I thought this movie was going to suck donkey balls. Thankfully, I was wrong. Once I realized that this film is an ethnically gratuitous rom-com, I decided to grade it accordingly, using Boomerang (arguably the best flick in this genre) as the benchmark.

As a longtime fan of Gordon Parks and blaxploitation film, as well as many indie race specific filmmakers throughout the Western world, I must say that despite any anticipation I might feel in support of these films, sometimes these flicks are not as successful as they could be (if they had the same history, financing, and experience behind them as traditionally european centered films. That’s right, I said it).

Peeples does present some of the typical rom-com cliches, specifically the basic formulaic rom-com structure and not exactly subtle saccharine production value. There is your basic boy met girl, they got issues, how will they make it happen scenario. However, no aspects of this genre block the beauty of the stellar performances of S. Epatha Merkerson and David Alan Grier, although most viewers will see this film for the fabulous Kerry Washington and solid Craig Robinson. Surely, audiences may disagree over many aspects of this story. But the casting was spot on!


Actors Performance: Affective. A-

Direction: Satisfactory. B

Cinematography: Appropriate For The Genre. B

Production Value: Standard. A-

Script: Acceptable. B

Final Bitch: B MINUS

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