Night Train To Lisbon 2013


Director: Bille August

Writer: Pascal Mercier, Greg Latter

Starring: Jeremy Irons, Mélanie Laurent, Jack Huston


At times reminiscent of films like The House Of Spirits and In the Time Of The Butterflies, Night Train To Lisbon is a trans-cultural dramatic mystery. However, for its length and dual plot lines this film remains elegant, but easier to digest.

Jeremy Irons is aging like a fine wine and his performance here reveals layer after layer of different elements of his character at just the right moments, maintaining the tempo of the film and holding your interest until the end.

For the Lena Olin fans, she has a brief but poignant moment in this film. Martina Gedeck’s interaction with Jeremy Irons is delightful. This film is a refreshing mature romantic adventure. Once it grasps your attention it won’t let go.


Actors Performance: Stellar. A

Direction: Clear. A-

Cinematography: Deliberate. Subtle. Engaging. A

Production Value: Could’ve Used More Punch. B

Script: Loved It. A

Final Bitch: A Jeremy Irons Special. A-

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