Hong Kong Cinema

Love In A Puff 2010


Director: Ho-Cheung Pang

Writer: Heiward Mak, Ho-Cheung Pang

Starring: Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, Shawn Yue, Singh Hartihan Bitto


Love In A Puff is a romantic comedy with unapologetic Hong Kong style and finesse. Although Miriam Yeung is not quite as quirky as in past performances due to the script, her role is well crafted and appropriately cast. Shawn Yue is likable enough, but it is the supporting cast that makes this movie’s magic.

For the fans of real Mo Lei Tau, this flick is tame, but funny enough. The script is breezy and the structure floats through the smoke. Ultimately if the director’s aim was to create a story of love ignited by smoke breaks, this goal is accomplished.

This probably isn’t the best choice for recovering smokers, but if you are looking for light, easy fare, this brand is for you.


Actors Performance: 好。 B+

Direction: OK了。B+

Cinematography: 好好。B+

Production Value: 不錯 。B

Script: OK了。B+

Final Bitch: 無抽煙。 B+

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