I’m So Excited! 2013


Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Writer: Pedro Almodóvar

Starring: Javier Cámara, Pepa Charro, Cecilia Roth


This movie gave me life! I’m So Excited! Is a funny sex-infused romp. Almodóvar is playing at his level best. Although he presents themes we’ve come to expect from him, romance gender issues sexual equality and the like, his work is never stale.

Almodóvar gives passionate attention to details regarding the visual expression of all of the human senses. The use of contrasting colors vivid imagery and a strong musical number uplifts the audience’s cinematic experience and frames multiple story lines in an intoxicating and joyful way.



Actors Performance: Campy When Necessary. A

Direction: Como Siempre. A

Cinematography: Effective. A-

Production Value: Como Siempre. A

Script: Crazysexycool. A

Final Bitch: Its Almodóvar Bitches! A+

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