Des Filles En Noir 2010


Director: Jean-Paul Civeyrac

Writer: Jean-Paul Civeyrac

Starring: Elise Lhomeau, Léa Tissier, Elise Caron


Two girls obsessed with a suicide pact are trying to hold onto each other while letting go of what they believe are the trappings of adult life. Although many aspects that may be the hallmark of modern French film are present, (the blessed absense of unnecessary music and dialog), this film misses the emotional clarity that fans of this genre might expect. Basically, being French didn’t save this movie from being as cliche as many American coming of age dramas about relatively privileged teen girls who might be suicidal. By the end I was left with the same question I had at the start: Why should I care about these girls?


Actors Performance: Decent. B

Direction: Acceptable. B

Cinematography: Bitchin. A

Production Value: Standard. B

Script: Lackluster. C

Final Bitch: B MINUS

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