Dans Paris 2006


Director: Christophe Honoré

Writer: Christophe Honoré

Starring: Romain Duris, Louis Garrel, Alice Butaud


From the opening titles I knew this movie was going to give me everything! The marriage of style and content is simply beautiful. The implementation of music throughout the film is purposeful, enhancing the characters’ development and propelling the plot forward in an entertaining yet thought provoking way. From scene to scene, through beats, genre and lyrics, the soundtrack flips from being a character that contributes to the storytelling, to a virtual participant within the story.

The structure of the script is playful and open, yet clearly leading us somewhere specific. The script provides a solid foundation for mystery, delicious anticipation, and character arcs that individually weave through each other while rolling forward as a whole.

Ultimately, this film is gloriously chic in its presentation of real life issues, like how individuals are permanently affected by family tragedy and the pathologies of repetitive archetype relationships that guide us to our salvation as easily as our suffering.

The sublime cast brought forth amazing performances that were both strong and subtly nuanced. Romain Duris and Louis Garrel were their usual dependable, talented, gorgeous selves, remaining relatable and unique when presented with a challenging script. If you’re a lover of French cinema, this well crafted gem will make you swoon.


Actors Performance: Superbe! A+

Direction: Magnifique! A

Cinematography: Très Bien! A-

Production Value: Parfait! A

Script: Super Chouette! A

Final Bitch: C’est Comme Un Petit Cadeau Emballé Avec Un Ruban! A

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