Hong Kong Cinema

Blind Detective 2013


Director: Johnnie To

Writer: Ryker Chan, Ka-Fai Wai, Nai-Hoi Yau, Xi Yu

Starring: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Yuanyuan Gao


Blind Detective is a Milkyway Production of a Johnnie To film. Therefore this is Mo Lei Tau at its best. Adding Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng equals cinematic chemistry that sizzles. Johnnie To’s movies consistently cast amazing supporting and character actors. Blind Detective is no different.

Despite the length of this film and the many segues, the script, cinematography and seemingly laid back structure make everything work.

I hope that this unique HK style continues even after 2046.


Actors Performance: Bitchin’. A+

Direction: Bitchin’. A+

Cinematography: Pretty Darn Good. A

Production Value: Bitchin’. A+

Script: Could’ve Been Tighter, But I Didn’t Mind It. A-

Final Bitch: Andy And Sammi 4ever XOXO. A

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