Blancanieves 2012


Director: Pablo Berger

Writer: Pablo Berger

Starring: Maribel Verdú, Emilio Gavira, Daniel Giménez Cacho


Reliable Spanish movie magic meets silent film kitsch. Blancanieves is a refreshing adaptation of Snow White. With this retelling, Director Pablo Berger consistently makes delightful choices that result in delicious detailed elements, bringing each character and their environment to life. The style and plot twists are often over the top and they work. The high contrast use of black and white and the exquisitely dramatic performances complement this story, making this film a piece that could hold its own with classic films from a bygone era. Blancanieves holds your attention, tickles your imagination and presents a distinct taste of what modern Spanish film can offer.

Although Blancanieves is a must for Maribel Verdú fans, Macarena Garcia also works the camera like nobody’s business!


Actors Performance: Passionately Dedicated. A

Direction: Focused And Consistent. A

Cinematography: Bitchin. A+

Production Value: Strong. A-

Script: Appropriate For The Genre. B+

Final Bitch: A MINUS

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